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Stevens Custom Beef

There are so many questions and options these days about what is good quality meat and where to get it.  While rural living may put some things a little farther out of reach; fresh good quality beef is not one of them.  We are able to place an order and have it delivered right to our door each fall.  One of the great things about it is that the guy who raises the beef is the same guy who delivers.  All of the beef is implant and hormone freee, so I feel good about what I am feeding my family.  Steven’s has a lot of options for your order size.  You can custom build your order and they even have packages available that are great for Bonuses, Thank You’s, Gift Boxes and Holiday Gifts.  If you live in this are and want more information you can contact Brad at any of the information listed below.


Field Trip Day

Well, it is 5:00 a.m and I have already been up for an hour, not because I had to milk cows or anything like that.   I woke at 4:00 a.m. this morning so I could get Mikayla to school and on the bus to head out for her 4th grade field trip to The Exploration Place in Wichita about 240 miles away.  Mikayla was so excited that she had no problem getting up and she stepped onto that bus with a grin from ear to ear.  As I had my quiet time this morning I pondered things to be grateful for.  One of those things is how distance is not an excuse not to experience things.  Mikayla’s teacher and the other 4th grade teachers found a way for their students to experience a great day filled with fun and learning.  The teachers overcame the obstacle of budget cuts and miles and reached out to a community that was willing to give a little so that these children could have this day.   I am today grateful for my rural small town and all of the people who make it a great place to live.


Oh wow

I’ve lived most of my life with a Rural Route address and have used the term “going to town”  more times than I would care to count, but just recently it made a whole new impact on me.  I was waiting in line at our closest Wal-Mart (33 miles away) behind a young mom checking out.  I found myself excited for her when I heard her tell the clerk “I have the sale ad from your closest Target showing this item is cheaper in their store”  I could feel the smile stretching across my face as I beamed with pride for her.  My excitement was short lived when the clerk replied “ We only have to honor the price if the competing store is within a 50 mile radius.”  Oh wow I thought because I knew that our closest Target was 68 miles away.  My heart sank a little when the young mom politely replied that she would not be purchasing the item.

This encounter has given me a whole new drive to help rural moms around the globe to live a life they love even when they feel like they are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

I hope this is a place where you feel free to take and give advice to help make each day a little easier for all of us who have the common bond of juggling the hats between home, husband, kids, work, chuch, and community just to name a few.



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