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Favorite Fall Pins

Pinterest just keeps providing awesome ideas!

Pumpkin Spice Puppy Chow

Pumpkin Spice Crème Brulee

Disney’s Ohana Bread Pudding

Caramel Cashew Clusters



Fashion Revue At The County Fair

My older girls kicked off County Fair with Fashion Revue.



7-30-13 225





The Ron Clark Experience

I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the Ron Clark Experience at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.   As most of you know I took a position as Princiapal this last year.  I have the privelege of working with some amazing ladies and can’t wait to see what the new school year holds.


IMG_2778 IMG_2761



Let It Rain

It has been so dry in our area lately that it has really been almost scary.  Lately when we have had chances of rain it has managed to just miss us.  Late last night after a few rumbles of thunder the drops began to fall and joy filled my heart and the heart of my family.

6-4-13 013

6-4-13 019

6-4-13 020

6-4-13 022


Back To Blogging!

This year  has been full of changes for our family.  As most of you know from an earlier post, I went back to work outside of our home for the first time in ten years.  It has been a blessing, but it has definitely required a lot of adjusting for my whole family.  Gone of the days are mom I forgot or calls from my hubby with a list of errands.  Also starting to be gone were the days of blogging.  I would feel little nudges from time to time, but time just was not in excess in any way, shape or form.  Lately I managed to slip in some time here and there to do  a little blogging.  I realized how much I missed blogging and how much I love it! There is so much about blogging that I enjoy.  While I love the opportunity to try new things and share, most of all I realized how much time blogging allows me to spend with my girls.  If I’m in the kitchen, at least one of them is right there with me.  So here I am world back at it and loving every second!

12-28-12 105

4-27-13 046

chorizo 016


Chloe’s Turkey Hunt

Our girls love to spend time with their Dad.  That love grows even bigger when a trip to Nana and Papa’s is included.  Chloe was so excited to tag along with Dad on an Oklahoma turkey hunt.  It sounds like she sat as still as one would expect an eight year old girl on her first turkey hunt to sit.  She was the head camera woman and videoed the hunt for her Dad.  Our family has enjoyed re-watching her video work time and time again since she returned from her adventure with Dad.







This Little Piggy Came Home

It is that time of year again.  Our girls have chosen their 4-H pigs.  They will feed water and love these pigs all summer as they prepare for Fair Season.

4-16-13 321

4-16-13 324

4-16-13 326

4-16-13 328

4-16-13 329

4-16-13 330

4-16-13 331

4-16-13 335

4-16-13 337


Thoughts On Hobby Lobby

The idea of having a family owned business is a dream of many Americans.  Everyday Americans step out of their comfort zone and start living their dreams.  On occasion those small businesses grow to become nationally known.  That is the case with the Hobby Lobby stores.  I know and understand the importance of following tax laws when running a business, but what about when government begins to require businesses to do things that go extremely against their personal beliefs.  Requirements that have nothing do do with running a business, but everything to do with personal choices.  I don’t usually use my blog to give my opinion about topics like this, but as a member of a family who owns a small business I am saddened by some of the changes that are taking place in our country.  Take a moment to watch this video and see if you Support Hobby Lobby .  Remember that as a country we are calling people to be diverse and sensitive to the views of others.  I’m not asking anyone to force their beliefs on others, but I am asking that people take a moment to think how they would respond to demands that go against their beliefs.


Stevens Custom Beef

There are so many questions and options these days about what is good quality meat and where to get it.  While rural living may put some things a little farther out of reach; fresh good quality beef is not one of them.  We are able to place an order and have it delivered right to our door each fall.  One of the great things about it is that the guy who raises the beef is the same guy who delivers.  All of the beef is implant and hormone freee, so I feel good about what I am feeding my family.  Steven’s has a lot of options for your order size.  You can custom build your order and they even have packages available that are great for Bonuses, Thank You’s, Gift Boxes and Holiday Gifts.  If you live in this are and want more information you can contact Brad at any of the information listed below.


Be Aware & Pass It On

September and October are two months that I have become very aware of over the past few years.  Of course I am aware of the beauty outside and the cooling temperature.  I now know that September is ovarian cancer awareness month and October is breast cancer awareness month.  There is not one of us who has not been affected by one or both of theses diseases either directly or indirectly.  About ten years ago my awareness changed forever when my life was directly affected by ovarian cancer.  That is when I lost my mom to the disease, she was only 47 years old when she died.  I watched her be diagnosed with the horrible disease and then watched her fight hard her last few years.  She fought hard to beat the disease.  She fought hard to be an amazing wife.  She fought hard to be a great mom, grandmother, sister, daughter and friend.  It was a fight that she gave all that she had, but eventually she needed to rest.  My mom never missed an opportunity to tell her story.  She became very bold and would ask ladies if they had made their yearly appointment.  She would make sure that she explained the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.  She wanted to do all that she could to make sure no one who came into her path ever had to suffer the pain and fear that comes with ovarian cancer. It has taken me a little longer to become bold about the topic.  In all honesty it is a little uncomfortable to ask friends if they have scheduled their yearly or if they are aware to the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.  Last year I decided that on the day I go for my yearly I would text all of the ladies in my cell phone contacts list to remind them to be aware of the importance of taking time to take care of themselves.  As women we tend to get busy taking care of husbands, kids, friends, and just busy with life.  We usually put off until tomorrow what should be done today when it comes to ourselves.  If we stop for a moment we realize we would never put off any of the check-ups that our children need, so why do we  post pone something that could save our own lives.  I simply ask that each of you take the time to call your OBGYN and schedule your appointment.  If you don’t have ovaries I will bet you know someone who does.  If each of you on the day of your appointment text all of the ladies a simple reminder we can make being aware a little easier.

Talk to your doctor and discuss any concerns that you have.  Make yourself aware of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.  Do your monthly breast self exams and be aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.  Awareness is the first step to prevention and treatment.  So lets join together to become more aware and pass it on.


My mom has always been one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

My mom had never ridden in a limo, so her friends had one waiting for her one Sunday after church.

My last Mother’s Day with my Mom


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