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Husband Pleasing Breakfast Burritos

After seeing very many of my posts you will soon realize that with a husband and five kids I am frequently pressed for time.  Mornings can be a little crazy if I do not plan ahead.  While summer has given my girls a little extra time to sleep in the morning, my husband does not get a 3 month summer vacation.  For him summer time is usually a more busy time.  This means he does not have a lot of time to spare in the mornings.    Breakfast is an important meal (some experts say the most important of the day).  To make things simple for him and myself I made up a batch of his favorite breakfast burritos and put them in the freezer.  This makes mornings quick and easy for both of us, and he still has a breakfast that he and I are both happy with. You can follow these simple and delicious directions to a no mess no fuss morning.

Brown  1-2 lb sausage add in 2-3 cups fresh or frozen hash browns and cook through. Add in diced onion and peppers if desired.
Beat 12-18 eggs, 2-4 Tbsp milk or half & half, salt & pepper to taste
Add eggs to sausage mixture stirring frequently until eggs are thoroughly cooked


Place egg mixture on tortilla and top with cheese


Roll up burrito


I like to roll the burritos in wax paper and foil and place in a zip-lock bag. Just slip the bag into the freezer and take out what you need and microwave 1-2 minutes.

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