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The Addictive Blog Award!

I have only been blogging for a short time, but I am finding that it is something that I enjoy more than I could have imagined.  So when I was awarded The Addictive Blog Award by Minnie from I was thrilled to say the least.  She has been a great encouragement to me when it comes to my blog and I have really enjoyed her blog and the beautiful things that she shares.  If you have not seen I encourage you to check out the creativity and beauty that Minnie shares.

There are several reasons that I started blogging.   When I was 18 if someone had asked me where I saw myself down the road I would have never  described where I find myself today.  Does that mean I didn’t follow my dreams?  No, it means I followed my heart and God has placed me here today.  I have grown up to be a wife and stay at home mom of 5.  I spend my days taking care of my family and drinking every moment in, because life is full of seasons and change and I want to embrace each season and change as it comes my way.  The blog is one way that I document the memories that I am making and sharing with my family and friends.  I love to share recipes, my family life as well as other things that are dear to my heart.  My family and I have found great joy in sharing our life with others.

The best part of being award The Addictive Blog Award is that I get to pass this honor on to a few well deserving blogs that I have come across lately and find to be “Addictive”.

1. I am inspired by by how she finds beauty in so much.

2. Inspires others to be aware of the legacy they are leaving.

3. The go to place for family style recipes.

4. Amazingly beautiful recipes.

5. Sharing her real story day to day

Please pay a visit to these wonderful and talented bloggers.

The winners: The rules for the Addictive Blog Award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link them back.
  • Share a little bit about why you started blogging.
  • Copy and paste the award onto your blog.
  • Nominate up to 10 other bloggers you think are addictive enough to deserve the award.

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One thought on “The Addictive Blog Award!

  1. Thanks! Looks like I’m in great company!!

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